we've been watching a movie about a older women, whose job is drawing kind of strange things, in my art course. now i feel very bad because this women is just full of never ending inspiration and she's just travelling and drawing, although i really hate her drawings, they are just too brown and always the same.. no question that she's good at drawing but there is no connection between her art and me. i really wish i had more time for drawing or painting at home so i'm really looking forward to have a lot of free time in the holidays now for that stuff. i'll get a notebook and a negative-scanner for christmas so i'll be able to post some holga photos & i'm absolutely glad that i don't have to sit in front of this unbelievable slow working computer anymore O__o but i really have to be careful not to spend my whole day surfing in the internet with the new notebook, i'd rather draw something.. ^-^

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