i really have to order some things from ; they have absolutely awesome basics and i fucking love this onlineshop. some nice tops and sweaters i really need. a lot of black things but nope, i'm not gothic or something like that . . i'm just changing my style to a darker and more serious one. there are too many too much colorful things in my cupboard i need to get rid of. i don't want to be estimated younger than i really am. some people think i'm 13. WTF ? i am 17, okey ? so black doesn't only make slim but older too :D black is a fabulous colour ; black nights ; black cats ; black tights ; black jack ; sirius black ; black paint ; black black black. & what i need too is the grey dropdead sweater. OMG! i loove it ♥ and again: why are all those onlineshops from the UK ? germany just sucks so much >.< what is fashion here ? everybody is just wearing h&m ; everybody is just wearing the same things. it sucks.

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