because of unbeliavable boredom i started drawing some looks i want to wear and post in the problem is that i don't have all the things i need for those looks. i need this absolutely wonderful grey sweatshirt from . but it's really expensive . . about $50 ( shipping included ) and it's sold out anyway =/ WHYYY ?! it's sold out every second week..! i could maybe buy one of the boys section, not necessarily from dropdead but from any other store. oh i really have to go to munich this weekend ^-^ maybe they have this jacket again in my size i wanted to buy last time at ann chrisine's, and those dr-marten-like shoes. . or those fake 'ugg-boots'.. dark or medium brown ? hm. and i really need some christmas presents . . okey i will go to munich, that's for sure :D 
but there is one last, sad news : yesterday the last episode of Fringe was shown in german tv. it's a kind of mystery-series & i really liked it ( not only for those nasty cases of death ^-^ ) at the end you're always thinking everything went good, but then in the last minute you know it didn't. i love this strain and the O-M-G-effect ♥

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