strange dreams.

" i was sitting in my chemistry course when a loud alarm resounded. it was a homicidial maniac warning. we all were shocked and started searching our capsules with synthetic blood , broke them open and layed down on the floor. a few seconds later the homicidial maniac came in and wanted to shoot us all down, he stopped because all those 'blooding' people on the floor canfused him. my teacher used this short moment to take her prepared plastic squirt gun she filled with acid before and shoot at his hands and his face. the acid burned everything and the homicidial maniac collapsed."

what a strange dream. acid in a plastic gun and a homicidial maniac in my school ? i'm really afraid now.. what does that nightmare mean ? one of those dream readers would call me insane i think.. i searched for blood ; gun ; homicidial maniac ; school ; etc. on some shady websites and they all predicted me hard tests and a bad future. oh wow how nice.. but i don't really believe in this shit. dreams are a way of working with your impressions ; feelings and expieriences of the day and they are NOT predestinating your future. i would have been dead for a long time, 'cause of so much crap i dreamed in my life already o__O

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