inimitably birdbrained.

waking up and seeing this big white blanket of powder snow and knowing you won't be able to go snowboarding is so depressing. i also had to learn for my history and social studies test on monday. what a boring day. so while learning something about a little ice age i thought about snowboarding again and decided to grab my board and go outside . . i would find a small hill somewhere in my village, white and snowy village. so i dressed up ; pants ; scarf ; beanie ; jacket ; gloves ; boots and went outside. not even 200 meters and i foud a very interesting hill with a kind of little stage to jump down. perfect. the first runnings were horrible. i fell down a lot. and climbing up and riding down - up and down - up and down - up - down - up - down is soo exhausting. but i stood some tricks in the end and i'm a little bit safer again in riding so it was worth it. you might think now i'm a complete freak - you're right. but what would life be without a pinch of freakiness ? it would be grey and boring. nothing else. maybe the people around you think you're a bit insane, so what ? 
'haters make me famous' - ALEX EVANS

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