the end.

This year ends in exactly 6h 45min and i'm sitting here thinking about what happened in the past while they are already celebrating the new year in shanghai. it all started with a wonderful new years eve at marie's, together with my girls ♥ we nearly burned the curtain with a candle.. actually it burned already but we recognized early enough, we had lots of delicious food and the time until 12pm went away too fast. i bought my first snowboard and my so loved holga ♥ it was a rainy and grey summer but i had lots of fun anyway, i thankfully changed my style from wannabee-emo to a dark and more serious one, i improved my skills in drawing and doing the splits, i had wonderful nights with my girls, i visited berlin ♥ ; venice ♥ ; verona ♥ and athens ♥, i expirienced lots of unbelievable; beautiful ; strange and amusing things with my best friend, i got my driving license (after vainly trying it 3 times..),i found and lost a love, i dyed my hair chocolate brown, i had lots of amazing parties and finally i started this blog. my new years resolutions are to draw and draw and draw, to spend less time in facebook, to improve my style, to do more sports and to learn some Japanese. i know i won't keep them up but it's good to have some aims you can reach within a year or if not you can work on them the next year. so i wish you all a nice new years eve, a wonderful 2011 and fortune to be always with you. ♥

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