i think i did something i shouldn't have done. my hair was really annoying me so i decided to cut my bangs a little bit.. well, now it isn't better, it's even worse. it's more annoying than before. i am stupid. maybe with a lot of hairspray and straightening it's okay again, but right now it is just hanging in my face, so that i can't see anything anymore, and i can't do it behind my ear now because it's exactly 1cm too short. brilliant. why am i so stupid? i could have waited for a professional to do it, but no i had to cut it myself, as if my hair wasn't ugly enough. my roots are growing out, it's too short and it's wavy, no beautiful curls or something, ugly and annoying waves. arg. i hate my hair but i had forbidden myself to straighten, because they're actually very damaged, too. wonderful, how can one person be such an idiot and still be alive ?!

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