friday 13th.

it's friday 13th today and i decided to show you the best HORROR-movie. by the way, the font of my header is 'friday 13th' haha. what a coincidence. so my all-time favourite horror-movie is Shutter. it's about photography, japan and joshua jackson! ♥ ♥ ♥ they simply packed everything i love in there..
a newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident in japan. as time goes by, more and more photos show those strange blurs, and ben (the husband) finds out that the ghost on the photos is a girl from his past. now even stranger things happen, people die and the girl appears, but in the end nothing is like it seemed.. the movie is all about guilt and that things you do will never be forgotten, i love it because it's about photography, polaroids and japan.. well, this is where most of the horrormovies play, like the Ring ( wich is probably the most hilarious one i've ever seen.. well, a tv throws her into that hole.. ) but i love japan, and i'm fascinated of those huge cities, all those lights and those cute little plastic toys.. um.. and i love the movie, of course, because of joshua jackson. he's brilliant, and if you watch interviews, he's so relaxed and always ready for a joke, just.. perfect? ♥

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