it is not often that movies or videos make me cry, but this did. the cruelty of people, treating animals just like if they wouldn't feel any pain, or if they were just things, made me so sad and angry at the same time. i can't eat meat anymore without thinking about all the blood and how the animals have to suffer for our amusement. so if you want to enjoy your steak, do not watch it, but if you care about cute little chicks and calves, watch it and stop eating them, because this is the reason why they are treated like this, you want it and you are responsible for all the pain!

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Lie said...

das ist echt NICHT zu fassen. holla die Waldfee. in welche Klasse gehst du? :)
Wahnsinn. Zufälle gibts ;D
Ich bin nun mal deine neue Leserin!
Das ganze Glitterkram - space - Zeug hat mich stark überzeugt ;D