saturday i took a little trip to munich, i went shopping with my lovely little sister and after that we had a very delicious dinner at TOKYO's, eating running sushi ♥ well, i didn't find anything special, a bikini, a top, some clips and a wonderful skull eraser because one of the weirdest things i do, is collecting erasers.. i think i've got about 70, one cuter than the other, i got donuts, muffins, cakes, veggies, fruit and a lot more, and they're really adorable ♥ maybe i'll show them to you one time.. 
and  i also bought some DVDs - the Happening and The X-Files - i want to believe - i watched the X-Files, it's about a serial killer, who kidnappes women to connect their bodies with the head of a man to give him a new and healthy body.. insane and thrilling, good but still not one of my all-time favourites.

1 - Feather Earrings,
2 - Crystal Pendants, both from a little store called Schmuckrausch

PS: i finally ordered some tapers at CrazyFactory, a really awesome and super cheap online-store for piercings and things like that.. how i sayed earlier, i want to strech one of my ears to 8mm.. or maybe 10mm, so i'm really nervous and really excited and i hope the package will arrive soon ! :D

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Anonymous said...

Du hast nen wuunnderschönen Blog. Und viel zu wenig Leser. :O
Magst du vielleicht eine Kooperation machen? Also ich mach mir deine Link in die Sidebar und du meinen? :)