inspiration - hair.

 hair.. i'm pretty never satisfied with my hair, i had extremely short hair two or three years ago and i could still kill myself for having decided to cut them. i want to have long hair again, now! they're growing soo slowly and they're also pretty damaged, i straightened a lot in the past, i need to cut them a little bit and actually i'm not sure how to cut my bangs.. a little bit longer, so i can put them behind my ear, or shorter and fringy? my hair is - if air-dryed - similar to the hair of the girl in the first picture.. just a little bit shorter, i think. so i don't know.. i really like the 3rd one, the bone is kinda cute.. ♥


Sonja said...

Ahh die haare sind geil ♥
Schau doch mal vorbei,hab mir dip dyes gemacht ;)

Kopfkino. said...

Die aller erste Frisur find ich ja mal klasse!